Friday, October 14, 2011


I wanted my review this morning to be on the Norwegian "mockumentary" Troll Hunter.   Instead I have to give a few facts.

I work a 9.5 hour day. 
My job is 33 miles away from my home.
That commute involves something known as a "Beltway".
Beltways circumnavigate major cities, they are parking lots in rush hour. 
They are comprised of an "inner loop" that travels clockwise, and an "outer loop" that travels counter-clockwise.
I am only allowed to work my 9.5 hour day between 6AM and 6PM.
I can only avoid 1 rush hour in that range.
To do so, I depart my home by 5:30AM.
To do so, I wake by 5AM.
Every hour I stay up after 9PM is one less hour than 8 I get to sleep on a weeknight. 
Even dodging 1 rush hour, I still work what amounts to 11.25 hours when you factor in the driving. 
I am also a husband to my wife and the father of our infant.
All of the above to say, I am pretty tired some evenings.

I watched the first hour of Troll Hunter and promptly passed out on my couch. I was on baby duty. Reading subtitles made me extra sleepy. I love a lot of foreign films, and I despise having them overdubbed with English audio. But with my current lifestyle, I am far too tired or lazy or apathetic to put up with reading while watching a movie. This is a shame, especially if you saw what percentage of my Netflix queue was foreign. 

I leave you with the hope of a Monday Troll Hunter review, and a relevant youtube clip of a delightful British comedy, The IT Crowd.

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