Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Agricola - A Board Game

Initially, this game was described to me as a farming game. I happen to live in farm country, surrounded by that great industry, and nothing could interest me less than a game that simulates sowing, reaping, and so on.

It should be described as a competitive victory point game, where you compete against your opponents and factors in the game to achieve the most points in 14 brutal rounds.

To be clear, I have only played 4 games of Agricola. One with my brother-in-law as we tried to figure out the game, and then three more with he and a friend. I am far from a pro, and there are aspects of the game that haven't even been introduced due to the number of players and the level of proficiency we currently have.

Many of the reviews rave about this game, and they are correct to do so. It's the best game I've added to my rotation in a while. Aspects of Agricola remind me of Catan and Shogun, both excellent games in their own right.

1-5 players

1-2 hours per game

You should play this if you like strategy, competition, and being occasionally frustrated.

You should not play this if your idea of a good board game is Mall Madness.

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