Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Deadwood - Season 1 (2004)

I will put this as plainly as I can.

After watching the first season of Deadwood, I can state without reservation that it is among the greatest serial dramas of all time.

Set in the late 1800's, Deadwood is the name of the "camp", which is really more like a town, set up illegally in Sioux territory where our cast has come to find their fortunes. The camp revolves around gold prospecting, though most of our characters are not in that trade themselves. Rather, we follow the stories of the saloon owners, shop keepers, doctors, criminals, gunmen, whores, preachers and gamblers who make up the rest of the budding community.

Existing in Sioux territory means that this camp is not a part of the United States, not under it's laws or jurisdictions, not taxed, and not protected. As such, it is a very dangerous place filled with people who would just as soon kill you as pour you a shot of whiskey. There are plenty of shots of whiskey in every episode, ergo...

Now, let me get to what makes this show truly great, the acting. This amazing ensemble is perfectly cast. You love, hate, fear, respect, abhor, and pity the characters because they are portrayed to perfection. I have a hard time picking out a favorite character. The idiots are that stupid, the heroes that bold, the villains that loathsome, the desperate that pitiable, the annoying that irksome, and so forth.

Then there's the cussing. This is the most profane show I have ever seen. It can occasionally harm my suspension of disbelief. Sometimes I have been pulled from the moment to wonder "did they really swear that much, and that way, back then?" I think it may have harmed the reception of the show.

You should watch this show if you are a fan of being completely impressed.

You should not watch this show if the following words offend you: Cocks*cker, c*nt, f*ck. (* = u... in case you are that stupid)

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  1. Your opinion, as usual is the most correct on the internet. Garret Dillahunt was awesome on that show (he played a different character in the second season, and I almost didn't recognize him...almost. It was really well done. Rome was also fairly awesome/profane and well written show.