Monday, April 25, 2011

Bulletstorm - PS3

So there's a storm, or something, and it's made out of bullets... I guess.

I will hop on the comparison bandwagon, as it were, and tell you straight up that this game wishes it were Gears of War and just plain isn't. Gears has a rich world filled with mystery and horror, amazing game play, impressive scale, stunning art direction and at least halfway decent voice acting throughout.

Bulletstorm has none of those things, but, oh boy, do they wish that they did. There was also no storm of bullets, unless that is an unlockable extra I was too bored to attempt to acquire.

I enjoyed the game on its merits which are as follows:

It is humorous.
It is novel.

After 4 or 5 of the 7 chapters of the game, the humor and novelty had worn off for me, and I was playing out of a sense of obligation to have completed SOMETHING this weekend to criticize.

Alas, putting down grass seed on my .84 acre yard, hauling 4 tons of debris from said yard, then hosting a family event prevented me from spending my time on the greater goal of forming my perfect opinions and sharing them with you for your own personal growth.

I made some small progress, and here' an update on that list from last week.

Akira, Volume 1 - Graphic Novel = returned to library unread, will check out again
Deadwood,  Season 1 - TV show = 1 episode to go
A Game of Thrones - Audiobook = 4 discs down, 24 to go
Echoes of Honor - Novel = 400 pages down, 300 to go
The King's Speech - Movie = no update
Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Movie = no update
Red Cliff (full version) - Movie = no update
The Town - Movie = no update
Robogeisha - Movie = no update, need more beer to attempt.

Back to Bulletstorm

If hearing people yell things like "what the dick?" will amuse you, you should play this game
If you want something with substance or replay value, you should not.

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