Thursday, April 21, 2011

No time for opinions

Sorry folks, there's been little to no time for me to form my eloquent, righteous opinions due to circumstances once called "an act of God". Today, to keep people from squirming, we shall call it "a catastrophic happenstance". The catastrophic happenstance in question knocked a tree limb the size of Montana onto both my car and my wife's. All is well, but I've not had the opportunity to complete any of the various entertainments I would like. Here's what I am viewing, reading, and hearing this week.

Akira, Volume 1 - Graphic Novel
Deadwood,  Season 1 - TV show
A Game of Thrones - Audiobook
Echoes of Honor - Novel
The King's Speech - Movie
Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Movie
Red Cliff (full version) - Movie
The Town - Movie
Robogeisha - Movie

I hope to conclude the majority of that by Monday, but my weekend is filled with the grueling task of being useful, rather than complete ease of being right about everything.

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