Monday, April 11, 2011

SMBC - a web comic

SMBC is one of those internet gems that help to kill the drudgery of a long week at work. One of the best points of this comic is that it is updated daily, almost without fail. If you are reading my obscure little blog, odds are you are mastered in wasting your time on this, the series of tubes and you need no help from me to guide you to content that has existed for ages.

I felt the need to review this comic when I read this episode:

I am guilty of using the term "gay" as a pejorative. It's interchangeable in my vocabulary for "lame" or "stupid".  I would greatly miss my go-to word for when something seems unfair, trivial, or boring, but this new definition is pretty hilarious.

As far as SMBC goes...

If you like jokes about science, nerds, math, and erectile dysfunction, then you should treat yourself to a daily dose of internet hilarity.

If your definition of funny is "Family Guy", you might like the erectile dysfunction jokes, but this comic is most likely not for you.

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