Monday, April 4, 2011

Mission Statement

One of my nearly limitless virtues is my inability to simply like something. I can't just enjoy a good book, TV show or movie, I have to also derive pleasure from knowing that my impeccable taste makes me somehow better than you. The purpose of this blog is to drive home a few irrefutable facts.

Fact 1: My taste in entertainment is flawless

Fact 2: Your taste in entertainment is, at best, a mere shadow of my perfection

Fact 3: The above facts make me better than you, obviously

Fact 4: I've never completed a novel or full length feature film, but I can tell you, with confidence, the merit of other people's creative works.

I will not be limited to new releases. I intend to write about what I encounter. This blog will include, but won't necessarily be limited to, reviews of books, movies, TV shows, comics, and music. On the rare occasion that I attend a play, I might also write about it. Enough about the blog, it's time for some reviews...

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